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Welcome to Torenstra Bouw B.V.

Dear Visitor

Welcome to the website of Torenstra Bouw. Whether you just happen to drop in or if you come to us with a specific interest in greenhouse construction is not revealed to us at this point. But since you are here, please allow us to inform you in 8 one-liners who we are and what we do:

Our core business is greenhouse construction and glazing.
Our employees and procedures comply with the latest H&S requirements.
We serve the global market.
We build ‘wide roof’, ‘trellis’ and ‘cabrio’ type greenhouses. The choice is yours!
Besides glazing we also vouch for service and repair.
We operate ‘state of the art’ material handling equipment.
A total crew of 35 employees is at your service.
All of the above has been our business for more than 30 years.
If you were new to the greenhouse building trade, this may contribute to your general education. If you had some basic knowledge about greenhouse building, this visit may have enriched your view. If you were an insider in the greenhouse building trade, we hope that your visit has confirmed that Torenstra Bouw is an advanced partner in this business, offering high quality products at reasonable cost.

Did this introduction raise your interest? Please click on the link buttons for more details.

Thank you very much for your visit.

John Torenstra


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